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Our customers results

This colud be the results of your customer loyalty program

Average ticket

Our customers average ticket increased 17%.

Invoicing increase

Our customers invoicing increased 28%.

Customer retention

Our customers retention increased 64% of loyal clients.

How the customer loyalty program works

Your customers buy and earn points

The poins insertions can be integrated with your sales point, e-commerce, or use a tablet or the APP for points insertion.

They answer a satisfaction survey

After purchase, we sent automatically a satisfaction survey to your customer and measure the satisfaction level.

We bring your customers back

Donuz analyze the history purchases and customer profile and create automated marketing actions to bring your customers back.

Chat with our consultants and know the results that we can bring to your company.

Our customers say

I´m very satisfied! My restaurant is full everyday since i start to invest in my customer loyalty.
Restaurant Zettai - (Felipe Conquista)

Donuz help us to know better the customers who buy frenquently. The customer loyalty program is essential for sales increase in our stores.
Peebles stores - (Giancarlo)

Let us help you, don´t lose your customers!

We are the customer loyalty platform leader in Latin America.

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